Recalling your Dog from other dogs

I see a lot of clients who come to see to me who say

“My dog is pretty good in the house coming sitting and all that but as soon as he gets out and I let him off with other dogs he goes deaf and will not come back until he is ready how can you fix this ?  ”


I would fix this by showing the client how to get back in control

By that I mean using the dogs natural drives. Food, Play, Prey, and Pack Drive We would work together to find what drives the dog has and develop those drives with drive building exercises so that the dog would begin to see the owner as far more interesting than other dogs.

Case Study

I recently did some training with a lady who was looking for dog trainers in the Middlesbrough or Stockton on Tees areas and found  me. She had a lovely Jack Russell cross called Rex she said she had a major recall problem and had problems with pulling on the lead.

Rex had been allowed to run around the park with any dogs that happened to be there and she had problems with pulling on the lead and recall as Rex would not come back when he was called.

Rex and his owner came to see me one Sunday morning I spoke at length to Rex’s owner to gain all the facts and I played and walked with Rex to assess him and see what his drives were.

Rex liked to play with balls but his owner did not play with him much as every time he got the ball he just ran off with it flying back to tease his owner into chasing him for it he would eventually drop the ball usually out of sight then run off with another dog.

We decided the best approach was to stop him running with other dogs until the owner had got more control of him  after all running with other dogs was an addictive high for the dog to Rex it was better than a drug. The first thing you would do with someone addicting to drugs or alcohol is limit or remove the supply.

The next thing we decided was to build his drive for toys in particular his ball as he had a strong play and prey drive I taught his owner some good foundation drive building exercises to help with this.

The next problem was that although his drive for chasing a ball would grow if he would not bring it back it would have been a very short lived distraction. We therefore had to teach Rex to retrieve using special exercises devised for that purpose.


We addressed the pulling on a lead issue and the lady was amazed with how quickly I had Rex walking on a lead with any pulling I showed her the technique which she picked up quickly and the dog showed imeadiate improvement

After 3 sessions with us a lots of hard work from Rex’s owner the difference was tremendous Rex had learned to play fetch and had started  channelling his energies and drive into chasing toys not other dogs his owner had also discovered that by doing all the extra exercises and work with the dog their bond had grown greatly and Rex was far more calm and controlled.

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