Feeding your Dog

What to feed your Dog ? I am not an animal nutritionist or any sort of expert on the feeding of animals but get asked this question a lot.

Some people give there dogs unlimited quantities of dry food to graze on all day and another meal at night most feed there dogs once or twice a day a balanced diet.

Some dogs like humans are naturally greedy others are not motivated by food. Most people when training their dogs use food to reward the dogs for following the cue. The success of this varies from dog to dog based on how much they want that particular treat (how tasty yes they do have preferences) or how hungry the dogs is.

In the wild do you not think a hungry dog is better motivated than a well or even over fed dog? After all if I paid you well or even just enough to allow  you to sit at home with your feet up would you want to go to work?

There are generally two ways to train a dog either with reward known as positive reinforcement or by compulsion known as avoidance training or a combination of them both.

Most trainers these days use positive reinforcement utilising prey drive (for toys) or food drive though praise should not discounted.

One of the best ways to motivate a dog with food is to mix up their daily ration in a bowl then put it in a bag and feed him it through out the day every time you train with them that way they work for their food.

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  2. Paul says:

    Hi Andy, very good article, keep up the good work!