Dog Behaviour Problems

It is a sad fact that we are now getting more calls on dogs with behaviour issues than we are with dog that just need  training.

In Order to help our clients with these issues Darlington dog trainer Andy Coates has teamed up with Dog trainer and behaviourist Dave Davies to offer a dog behaviour clinic to its clients across the North East.

Black Kennels Darlington’s most friendly dog kennels is now hosting a Bi weekly behaviour clinic Mondays and Fridays delivered by Dave Davies BIPDT. The clinic is a very cost effective way of getting across some sound advice on subjects where there are so many conflicting and dangerous ideas flying about. You will also get your dog assessed and a bespoke program developed that should help with most behaviour problems by a suitably experienced and proven behaviourist. The clinic covers most issues like Dog to people aggression, dog to dog aggression Anxiety Separation and phobias. Phone 01325 526147 for more details or to book your appointment

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