Positive reinforcement V Negative reinforcement

How do we train Dogs at Black Banks Kennels?


In my opinion there are only two reliable ways to train a dog or of course a combination of both. The two ways I am talking about are Positive reinforcement & Negative reinforcement when I started training dogs only Negative reinforcement was recognised and that was the way we did things then we did not know anything else. Over the last 10 years or so Positive reinforcement has become the preferred method. The main difference between the two are as follows

Negative reinforcement you basically punished or corrected bad behaviour so the dog learned to avoid it. If your dog pulled on the lead you would use a check chain to administer a correction (jerk on the chain) to let the dog know it was not acceptable behaviour therefore the dog learned not to pull.

Positive reinforcement you basically identify the behaviours you want your dog to display and reward them so your dog wants to offer you the behaviours because they get the reward.

We first of all teach the dog the exercise or behaviour we desire once that exercise is learned we teach the dog to associate it with a name. For example we  teach the dog it gets rewarded in the sit position once he understands how to do the  sit position we teach him to do it every time we say the word sit and he gets a reward.

If that does not work then it is usually one of the following

The dog has a behaviour issue which needs to addressed first by a qualified and experienced behaviourist  ,

The handler is to blame for poor communication

The reward is not big enough.
The dog MUST have a WANT for positive reinforcement to work and the handler must know the best way of communicating with the dog

I therefore spend a lot time teaching people drive building and new methods of communicating with their dog which also teaches them to bond better with their dog and have fun.

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One Response to Positive reinforcement V Negative reinforcement

  1. steve says:

    hi all i was taught positive reinforcement by dave and andy and now my dog ari is much happier in his training all though i think negative reinforcement asnt to be dismist totally. thank you for your help